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TOP 3 Dog Sites

I’m a dog lover… So i had to write this post!

I’ve got two dog… a Boxer and a Dachshund.

They have completely different personalities but they complement each other so well.

I just LOVE them and couldn’t live with out them.

You may be thinking: “Oh… another crazy dog guy!” Right? Only people that live with dog know the feeling. They are our sons and daughters, our family!

My elected site are:

#1 – Dog Food Selector

Need help to find the most suitable food for your pup. This site makes reviews and gives you dog food ratings so you can choose only the best ones!

It has also a large number of useful articles. For example, if you ask “can dogs eat cat food?” you’ll find the answer!

#2 – Boxer Fan Club

As I said I’ve got a Boxer dog named Brutus, so naturally choosing a Boxer club isn’t that odd… right? A bit biased… but this is my blog and can do things like I want to 😛


#3- Dachshund Fan Club

This choice is dedicated to my Doxie lady Daisy! Here you’ll find everything about Dachshunds!

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The Best Sites About Women’s Health

Here are the best sites about women’s health:

Women’s Health Magazine: Women’s Health is for the woman who wants to reach a healthy, attractive weight but doesn’t equate that with having thighs the size of toothpicks. –>


Office on Women’s Health: provides national leadership and coordination to improve the health of women and girls through policy, education and model programs –>

WebMD Women’s Health Center: Information on Women’s Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness, Intimate Questions, and Weight Loss –>

Women’s Health: MedlinePlus: Women have unique health issues. And some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently. –>